Learn More About Camping Accessories

Types of Camping Accessories

DICK'S Sporting Goods assortment of camping accessories includes general hardware items like ropes and straps, knives and tools, insect repellents, personal hygiene solutions, first aid, binoculars, survival gear and dog training equipment. DICK'S selection includes top brands like Browning, Gerber, Adventure Medical Kits and UST.

DICK'S carries a variety of clips, carabiners, cords, ropes, paracords and gear ties to suit all of your outdoor needs. Check out the survival gear section to find fire starting tools, solar chargers, waterproof matches and much more.

Campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds should be prepared for any emergency. Shop the First Aid category to find complete first aid kits as well as pepper spray and personal hygiene gear.

Prepare before you pack. Consider your campsite, trip duration and planned activities.

When purchasing first aid kits, decide between one stocked for minor ailments or a kit geared toward emergencies. Small kits include pain relievers and sterile wound dressings and ointments. To repel insects, hikers can benefit from insect repellent sprays, while hunters avoid intense odors and choose specialized clothing. Consider netting for your campsite to keep your sleeping area bug-free.

Keep clean without access to water with waterless washes or portable showers. On sites without a lavatory, choose minimalist solutions like wipes or tissues. Travel toilets are a great option for fixed campsites or cabins.

A good first aid kit is an essential item for all campers. Make sure that your first-aid kit includes cream to treat insect bites, and antiseptic wipes for cleaning cuts when running water is not available. If you are planning a long hiking trip, choose a compass with a large and easy to read dial and useful emergency extras such as a whistle that allows you to attract attention in an emergency.

When choosing a knife or multi-tool, place ease of use first. A sturdy folding knife and a Swiss Army knife with extra tools such as an awl, serrated blade, tin opener and screwdriver, covers most common camping tasks. If you plan to go fishing or hunting, consider a Swiss Army knife with extra tools such as a line guide and fish scaler.

Other useful survival gear includes waterproof tinder and paracord. Instead of carrying a loose length of paracord at the bottom of your camping bag, invest in a paracord bracelet or paracord keychain so that you always have a length of cord on hand.

Looking for more? Shop all camping equipment like tents or sleeping bags from DICK'S Sporting Goods.