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Step up your game with high performance Mizuno® shoes from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Find the latest styles in running shoes, baseball cleats, softball cleats and more, in styles and sizes to suit any athlete.

Whether you're a high-mileage runner or casual jogger, Mizuno® running shoes provide the cushioning and support you need. Choose from training and racing shoes with a range of helpful features such as Fan Wave technology for improved motion control and Smoothride® mid-soles that minimize energy loss while providing superior flexibility.

Baseball and softball players can choose from an extensive assortment of Mizuno® shoes, including training shoes for indoor drills, shoes with rubber spikes for beginning and intermediate players, and shoes with metal spikes for advanced players who need maximum traction and control.

Looking for a top quality volleyball shoe? Mizuno® women's volleyball shoes offer an ideal combination of cushioning and support for lateral movement. Choose from men's and women's styles with advanced features like mid-sole ventilation systems and grooved out-soles for added flexibility.

When shopping for Mizuno® shoes, your experience level can help determine which type of shoe is best for you. Runners who are just beginning a training program typically prefer a sturdy, well-cushioned shoe that provides a comfortable ride. Experienced runners often prefer to keep a second, lighter weight pair of shoes on hand for speed workouts and races.

Experience level is also an important consideration for baseball and softball players. Younger players may need a shoe with rubber cleats or a training shoe with no cleats at all, while higher-level players often prefer the extra traction provided by a shoe with metal cleats.

If you're looking for a running shoe, your running style is another important factor to consider. Runners who over- or under-pronate (meaning that their feet roll more or less than normal after striking the ground) often do better with a shoe designed to deliver extra motion control. You may be able to determine your running style by looking at the soles of your current shoes—if the soles are noticeably more worn on the inside or outside edge, you may want to consider a motion control Mizuno shoes. If your shoes appear to be evenly worn, a neutral shoe design may be best for you.