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Bowling Equipment



Bowling Balls & Bags for the Lane

Head to the lanes and aim for a strike: Shop the bowling collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods for quality gear.

Every bowler needs the right combo of great-fitting bowling shoes, a convenience-maximizing bowling bag and a perfectly weighted bowling ball. Select from polyester and resin bowling balls. Polyester balls are ideal for beginners bowling in dry conditions. Resin balls perform best on well-oiled lanes and are provided the greatest strike potential.

Match your personal style and your bowling bag with bowling balls in a variety of hues and designs.

Shop popular bowling brands, including Ebonite®, Etonic® and Dexter®.

How to Choose the Right Bowling Ball & Gear

Keep in mind the following factors when selecting your bowling gear:

  • Avoid choosing a bowling ball that is too heavy is difficult to control. Many novice bowlers make the mistake of choosing a large ball. To find the best weight for your game, simulate the arm-swinging motion of bowling with weights.
  • Bowling shoes widely vary in width, but finding the right size is essential for your game. Bowling shoes that are too tight cause blistering while a fit that' s too loose throws off your balance. Never overlook the importance of comfort and support in your bowling shoes. Padded collars, cushioned insoles and padded linings minimize movement for better stability and balance on the lanes.

Pack up for the lanes with a bowling bag that offers convenient storage. Look for durable materials and straps or handles on bowling bags that are comfortable to carry. Shop the full selection of bowling accessories, including grip tape, wrist control bands and even bowling ball cleaner.

Buying Bowling Balls & Bowling Shoes